AuthBridge an open source federation server supporting OAuth, OpenID, WS-Fed, SAML

AuthBridge is a server written in ASP.NET/C# using WIF and DotNetOpenAuth, that speaks WS-Federation and SAML tokens on one side and OpenID, OAuth, WS-Federation or any other protocol on the identity provider.


  • Support Social Identity Providers: for Facebook (OAuth 2), Google (OpenID), Yahoo (OpenID), Twitter (OAuth 1.0a), Windows Live (OAuth 2). More can be added easily.
  • Support for Enterprise Identity Providers like ADFS or IdentityServer using WS-Federation Protocol and SAML 1.1 or 2.0 Tokens. SAML 2.0 protocol could be added easily using the WIF SAML Extensions
  • Support for Single Sign On
  • Extensibility points to add more protocols
  • Attribute transformation rule engine to normalize attributes coming from different identity providers

Read more about it at:

Online demo at:

Get the code and contribute at:

Author: Matias Woloski

Published: July 04 2012

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